Home Improvement Process

Homeowners rarely realise how a home renovation can disrupt their lives until they find themselves living in the middle of it. Since most home improvements take place while the family is in the home, getting the job done right and quickly is important. At the same time, you want a building company that understands what you want and has the experience and skills to deliver a professional quality job.

There are many decisions that you will make about your project. Making the right choice is difficult if you don’t understand your options. Making the wrong decision is almost certain to result in a renovation that falls short of what you had in mind. Duo Build is there to help you with every step of the process from design to handover.

Our process takes the doubt and stress out of your renovation and ensures that we will complete your project on budget and with as little disruption to your family’s life as possible. We work with you from start to finish to produce the best results on any project of any size.

First Meeting

Our first meeting is our chance to get acquainted with each other. You will have the chance to get to know more about Duo Build and the qualities that set us apart from the competition. In turn, we will learn what you want to achieve from your renovation project. If it’s not too complex, we will give you a ball-park estimate of what your costs will be.

Project Design

This is the most important stage of your renovation or extension as all great projects start with great designs. At Duo Build we take sufficient time to get to know you, your lifestyle and your home, so we can recommend the most suitable options. It’s crucial for us to fully understand the goals and objective you want to achieve through your renovation project.

Our Designer will visit your home to do the site measure and will use the information you provided to create an initial design. The goal of this project stage is to put your vision and ideas down on paper and transform them into a concept design.  Once the concept is finalised, we will present the Housing Industry Association (HIA) fixed-price contract and your scope of work.


During this phase of the renovation process, we are busy getting your project ready for the construction phase. We produce the final drawings, develop the engineer report, and acquire all necessary council approvals and permits. As the project schedule should be finalised by this stage, you will be informed what to expect over the project duration and when the major project milestone will take place.  We will also initiate project procurement so you might need to finalise your product selections, e.g. choose your tiles and decide on your fixtures and fittings.


Once construction begins, our director will personally manage your project on-site to ensure all of the work is performed to the highest standards and all milestones are completed within the planned time-frame. At Duo Build we make sure that your home is respected and looked after during the construction. We ensure the site is kept safe and clean, and the disturbance to your family and your neighbours is minimal. We will regularly communicate with you to keep you well informed on what’s happening on-site.


Once the construction phase ends, your renovation or extension is complete and ready for you to enjoy! After the handover, you are entitled to the defects liability period and the builder warranty. This is your guarantee that all of the work provided during your renovation project is not faulty according to Australia standards.

First Meeting - Home Improvement Process
Project Design - Home Improvement Process
Pre-Construction - Home Improvement Process
Construction - Home Improvement Process
Handover - Home Improvement Process