Things to ask your builder before renovation starts

7 Things to Ask Your Builder Before Your Home Renovation Starts

Having a home under construction is somewhat like having noisy, unwanted house guests that don’t want to leave. Complete renovations and extensions take time and they usually take place while the homeowners are staying in the house. Choosing a builder that follows a straightforward process and shows respect to you and your home will minimise the disruption to your family’s life.

A great home renovation begins and ends with great communication. Make sure you are aware of what to expect before your builder starts any onsite works. The main points worth discussing with your builder are listed below.

1.Proposed Project Schedule

Your builder should give you a project commencement date so you can make any necessary prior arrangements. You should also discuss the project milestone dates. There’s always a risk that the scheduled milestones will slightly change as a result of unforeseen circumstances or possible contract variation. But having a rough idea of the project schedule will allow you to better prepared for what to expect during the construction.

2. Site Safety During Construction

Site safety and security during the construction is especially important when you’re staying in the property while the renovation works are underway. Discuss with the builder how will they access the property. What safety measure will they undertake to keep you and your family safe?

3. Site Manager

The person you’ve met during the project design stage is not necessary the builder who will be in charge of your project. You should be introduced to your dedicated Site Manager before your renovation project starts.

4. Materials Delivery and Storage LocationHome renovation - material storage

Your builder should discuss with you the location of building materials deliveries and storage. If any building materials are stored on the front verge, the builder should arrange a required permit with the local council.

5. Working Hours

Most building companies work during weekdays but occasionally they might need to  schedule some works over the weekend or in the evening. Having a conversation about working hours at the beginning of the project will allow you to make any necessary arrangements if any after hours work is required.

6. After Hours Contact Details

Discuss with your builder who will be the first point of contact in case of an emergency. Make sure you’ve got their after contact details so you can easily reach them is needed.

7. How Will They Protect Your Property

As home renovating is a messy business, check with your builder how will they protect your property including your driveway and landscaping.