Perth Garage Conversion - Master Bedroom

How to Increase Your Home Space with a Garage Conversion?

If you’re finding that your home is getting a little cramped for any reason and you’re concerned that an extension will reduce your outdoor living area, the answer may already be right under your nose – or already under your roof.

Converting your garage or carport can be a simple and cost effective way of maximising the living space and adding value to your property without impacting on your existing outdoor living area or neighbouring properties.

Depending on your lifestyle and needs, a garage can be converted into a home office, kids playroom, home theatre or additional bedroom with an en-suite, whilst still keeping a dedicated store area.

Garage conversion kids playroom

Generally, Perth garage and carport conversions are more economical option than home extensions. You will be working to the set perimeters of your existing property’s footprint making it easier to design and meet local development requirements. There are also potential cost savings if the existing roof structure can be used.

Garage and carport conversion can be carried out with minimal impact to your day-to-day life during construction as knock through to your existing property can be done late in the construction process.

There are many benefits of converting your garage into habitable space but there are also many factors that need to be considered.

Converting a non-habitable space into a habitable room requires council approval to ensure your plans are compliant with the Building Code Australia (BCA). The right termite barrier, waterproofing and insulation need to be used, adequate flooring, interior walls and ceiling installed. The converted room also needs to meet energy efficiency requirements. Your current landscaping might need to be updated and a new carport or parking space created.

A garage conversion, if done right, is a cost effective way of adding extra habitable space and increasing the value of your property. Contact Duo Build today to get an expert advice on your Perth garage or carport conversion.